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[RADIO/AUD/DL] 111028 BoyFriend DH, HS, JM, KM – Cover of Did We Really Love (정말 사랑했을까) (Originally by Brown Eyed Soul)

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File name: Did We Really Love (정말 사랑했을까) (Originally by Brown Eyed Soul) (BoyFriend Cover) (Live on Radio)
Duration: 04:22
Size: 6.01 MB
Quality: HQ
File | Format: Audio | MP3
Download: here via Mediafire

re-upload & shared by: | imzee
feel free to download and take out/re-post with full credits. thank you.

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November 3, 2011 at 12:23 am

[PIC/FANTAKEN] 111029 BoyFriend – Yeongdeungpo Fan-signing event

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hi everyone! just a mini-update. im bored. ^^ hehehe.


[Download link below]

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Written by imzee

November 2, 2011 at 10:26 pm

[VID/TRANS] 110820 Boyfriend – Star Call(s)

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i know i am very late on this, sorry for that ;_____; but, enjoy:


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September 11, 2011 at 12:39 am

[PIC/TRANS] 110830 Boyfriend Minwoo, Jeongmin & Kwangmin – Boyfriend Twitter Update

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{UPDATED} [added Kwangmin’s Tweet]

Original Tweet:

[B.F:민우] ㅇㅅ ㅇ!!지금은 호텔에서 방송 준비중이에요 중국은 처음인데 공항에 팬분들이 많이 반겨주셔서 정말깜짝놀랐어요!!!너무감사드려요 말은 이해못해두 너무좋구 재미있어요~감사합니다!!!

English Translations:

[B.F:Minwoo] ㅇㅅ ㅇ!!Right now, I’m in the hotel getting ready for broadcasting[.] First time arriving at the China airport, I was really surprised that there were a lot of fans!!!Thank you so much[.] I cant put it into words, it’s too good and fun~Thank you!!!


Original Tweet:

[B.F:정민] 중국에 왔어요! 방송국에 도착했는데!!우와…. 대기실 참 크네요….@.@즐겁게 촬영하고가겠습니다~~~하하v

English Translation:

[B.F:Jeongmin] Arrived in China! Arrived at the broadcasting station!!Wow…. The waiting room is really big….@.@We will film happily~~~hahav


Original Tweet:

[B.F:광민] 팬 여러분 제가 중국에왔어요 장사라는 곳이에요 촬영열심히잘하고가겠습니다 중국이니까 팬더쌍절곤 아자~ 뿅!ㅎ

English Translation:

[B.F:Kwangmin] Fans and everyone, I’m in China in a place called Changsa[.] We’ll work hard for the recording and do well[.] China’s panda nunchaku aja*~ Ppyong!he

* “Aja” means something like “let’s go”. its an expression/slang for getting your boost up or giving energy.

source: Boyfriend’s Twitter
translations by: | imzee
(translations are rough and may not be 100% accurate)

Written by imzee

August 30, 2011 at 2:34 pm

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[DCMSG/TRANS] 110823 Boyfriend Jeongmin – Daum Cafe Entry

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[From. Jeongmin♡] I have a true confession .. corrected*

Let’s clear up the past !



You know… In fact, I had a person that I like…
It was in my high school…

What to do…
It’s hard to had a crush.. I can’t confess to her
I wasn’t too crazy ~ I always saw her when practicing and she was gone ..

So I forget about her and continue practicing
But a few months ago she appeared in front of me again !!

Ahyu** .. so I confess to her and ask her to stay by my side!

That… girl name suddenly I forgot about it…..


*he corrected the title….i guess.
**sound of sighing

Source: Boyfriend official fancafe
Translated by: fvna- @ BNATION!
(and imzee translated the title :B)
Credit & shared by: | imzee


just so you know, i didnt translate it myself because its already translated. :B its better to have it translated by a forum. their translations are better. hehehe. i just want to share. and im running out of time. so, i’ll post the previous ones soon!^^

Written by imzee

August 27, 2011 at 2:48 am

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[DCMSG/TRANS] 110819 Boyfriend Jeongmin – Daum Cafe Message

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[From Jeongmin♡] Jeongmin come back

Came back from Music Bank to the company safely ~~~~!!
It’s been a while, going to write and post a sad news ㅠㅠ… Tomorrow will be the last broadcast
But everyone, we will sur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!prise you with an amazing album coming soon[.] Please anticipate it !
We’ll see you tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ppyong

source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe
source find: bestiz
translations: | imzee
(translations are rough and may not be 100% accurate)

{ATTENTION} I need your help! If you can access BoyFriend’s cafe entry, please screencap it! I wanna translate the others’ too! Thank you so much!

Written by imzee

August 20, 2011 at 5:48 pm

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[SPONSOR] Boyfriend JM, YM, KM & MW – PIN & FIT Sponsor Photo

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source: boyfriendbfog
credit: | imzee

Written by imzee

August 16, 2011 at 11:04 pm

[UFO/TRANS] 110815 Boyfriend Jeongmin – UFO Replies

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Fan: [JeongminOppa] kekekekekekekeke What were you doing at the stadium when schedule ended?ᅲᅲ
[Jeongmin] Yes?!!*

Fan: [Jeongmin] Morning UFO! What are you doing at 3 at midnight~? What day is it today !?
[Jeongmin] Today is Independence Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*Jeongmin wrote this in a “disbelief”-ish tone. like saying “What?!!” but instead he said “Ne?!!”, so it translates to “Yes?!!”

source: UFOTOWN, bf95linecn
translations by: | imzee
(translations are rough and may not be 100% accurate)

will try my best to add more if there are any more. hehehe.

Written by imzee

August 15, 2011 at 10:05 pm

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[UFO/TRANS] 110810 Boyfriend Jeongmin – UFO Replies

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Fan: [DonghyunHyunseongJeongminYoungminKwangminMinwoo] Hi~~~~~~~~~~
[Jeongmin] hi?*

Fan: [Mehrong** Jeongmin] Heung***! B[est]~ Reply please! keke
[Jeongmin] Reply!

Fan: [DonghyunHyunseongJeongminYoungminKwangminMinwoo] Oppa, write english letters he Do you know how to? [I’ll] give you a star ke
[Jeongmin] Ihi Ihi

Fan: The trend nowadays is baby-Jeong
[Jeongmin] kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke

Fan: <Jeongmin> Jeongmin ah if you say “i love you” to me I’ll buy 5 of your albums♥
[Jeongmin] keke

Fan: [Jeongmin] I’m with my B.F♥ kekeke B.F…keke Do you think of me as a close friend too??ke
[Jeongmin] A friend….female..lover??!!

Fan: [Jeongmin] Oppa, how about 16? Yuhuu~
[Jeongmin] Wow~

Fan: [Jeongmin] Yes..Its already midnight, arent you supposed to sleep yetᅲᅲThis is why you never appear in my dream!!!
[Jeongmin] I’ll go now…

Fan: [DongHyunseongJeongMinwooYoungKwangmin] How about [blood] type AB female??keke
[Jeongmin] B [blood] type male?

*Jeongmin said this in English
**a sound you make when you stick out your tounge
***its another version of whining

source: UFOTOWN, BF95line
credit + translations: | imzee
(translations are rough and may not be 100% accurate)

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August 11, 2011 at 10:09 pm

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[UFO/TRANS] 110612/21/27 Boyfriend JM, YM & MW – UFO Replies

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Fan: [Youngmin] Oppa~♥ Can I be more than oppa’s GirlFriend^^?he
[Youngmin] I like that~~

Fan: ♥Minwoo♥ Minwoo-gun, yesterday, the mini-[electronic]fan, why was it creaking?? I’ll buy you a better fan later~
[Minwoo] Ah hehe It wasnt creaking~!!kekeke Thank you >  <



Fan: [Jeongmin] Jeongmin-ah, I’ll see you tomorrow!!^^Will be cheering!!
[Jeongmin] Yes^^!!



Fan: [Jeongmin] What?
[Jeongmin] What?

source: UFOTOWN, boyfriendchina
credit + translations: | imzee

Written by imzee

August 9, 2011 at 12:37 am

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