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S.M THE BALLAD release “Hot Times” Music Video a few days ago! and today, there’s an unofficial colored version!

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wow what a long title. i just had to do that. HAHAHAHA. anyway, yeah. one of my wishes is for S.M THE BALLAD to release a MV for “Hot Times” because OMG that song is so hot and it needs an MV. is there any other reason why there shouldnt be an MV? ;p

i got my wish and they released an MV a few days (or was it weeks? idk) ago. i wasnt home and the internet was not with me. so i felt like shooting myself then. but luckily i didnt. OKAY OKAY.

(download link is up at BruneiShawols: here. HEHEHE)

downloaded, went crazy, died. then, i think i was too happy that i didnt bother to do over 100 screencaps on Jonghyun (and then posted it to BruneiShawols and even happily even gave the download link to it)

but i think “Miss You” MV was better because of the colour and myabe alot of shots and acting. IDK. i still love both nonetheless! 😀 HEHEHEHE.

then, later today, i saw the coloured version on YouTube. i guess it is unofficial. hmm

(posted here with DL ;D)

Written by imzee

December 19, 2010 at 9:43 pm

S.M THE BALLAD’s audio teaser for “Hot Times” is out and I’m dying

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i’ve waited all day for this to come out. well, not actually, since the news broke out this afternoon that it’ll be released today. so i waited from the afternoon and eventually, almost gave up. then, one of my friend, Muya mentioned it on facebook and of course I WENT CRAZY. so yes, i checked everywhere and ended up checking Allkpop. and there it was, on the very fresh top. opened it, click play. loaded right away and listened to it. OMG THE HIGH PARTS. I COULD HEAR KYU’S VOICE AND JAY’S and everyone! and died right away.

downloaded it, ripped it and posted to BruneiShawols. Just click to listen and download. YAY! im so happy. i love ballads and this group is just plainly ballad and just what i needed. LMAO. ;p HEHEHE. oh Gosh, Jjong’s gonna be busier than ever! :S take care of yourself bb.

yeah. i loved it and looking forward for more of the teasers! ❤ HWAITING! ❤

P/S: is it just me or does Jino looks like Minho? ;P lol. Mini-Minho.

some little info about Jino;

Real Name: Cho Jino.
Birthdate: April 17th, 1992
Blood Type: A
– Won first place for SM Everysing competition (WOW. HE MUST BE REAL GOOD)

Written by imzee

November 22, 2010 at 12:35 pm