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[INFO/TRANS] K-POP invading Japan, Boyfriend in 2nd place for “Most Popular Album”

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Japan Hallyu fans recognize Boyfriend as an aspiring rookie.


Especially for Boyfriend’s advertisement as a rookie. Boyfriend’s debut song “Boyfriend” is published in Tower Records, 7th floor, K-POP Corner and currently in 2nd place for “The most popular album“. Tower Records officials stated, “Comparing the past music-related that has been purchased by customers till now has increase. Girls’ Generation and KARA is the most popular, but in general the popularity of K-POP has increased” he said.

/irrelevant parts not related to Boyfriend omitted/

source: SportsChosun
translations by: | imzee

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July 6, 2011 at 5:30 pm

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Day 13: A k-pop group you dislike and why

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if i did this before, i’d say miss A but heck, i love them now. ;p
if i say KARA just because of Gyuri, you’ll think/say that im immature. so, to wrap it up. there isnt any k-group that i dislike. YAY! ;D

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December 31, 2010 at 7:17 pm

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Find out who my Original & Current Bias is

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Original Bias: Nichkhun
Current Bias: Junsu

Super Junior:
Original Bias: Ryeowook
Current Bias: Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Shindong & Eunhyuk

Big Bang:
Original Bias: Taeyang
Current Bias: G-Dragon

Original Bias: Key
Current Bias: Key (Key forever and ever! LOL)

Original Bias: HongKi
Current Bias: Seunghyun

Original Bias: Minhyuk
Current Bias: YONGHWA my bb! :p (WGM happened ;p)

Original Bias: Yoseob
Current Bias: Junhyung

Original Bias: Joon
Current Bias: Mir

Original Bias: Yejun
Current Bias: Yejun

Original Bias: HyungJoon
Current Bias: HyungJoon

Original Bias: Jo Kwon
Current Bias: Jinwoon

Original Bias: Kevin
Current Bias: DongHo!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Original Bias: Yunho
Current Bias: Junsu

Wonder Girls:
Original Bias: Sohee, Yenny.
Current Bias: Sunye

Girls’ Generation:
Original Bias: Sunny, Tiffany & Taeyeon.
Current Bias: Sunny, Jessica and Taeyeon

Original Bias: Nicole
Current Bias: Nicole

Original Bias: CL, Dara, Minzy & Bom. (LOL)
Current Bias: Minzy and Dara.

Original bias: Amber
Current bias: Luna and Sulli

After School:
Original bias: Bekah
Current bias: Lizzy

Original bias: Jiyoon
Current bias: HyunAh

DaeGukNamAh (The BOSS):
Original bias: Jay
Current bias: Jay (forever~!)

Original bias: Jaekyung
Current bias: JaeKyung? (well… im not really much of a Rainbow fan)

Original bias: Seonhwa
Current bias: Seonhwa & JiEun

Original bias: Minho
Current bias: Inseok

Original bias: Hyomin
Current bias: Jiyeon!!! ❤

Original bias: JungMo
Current bias: JungMo

Original bias: Heechul
Current bias: Minwooo~

Girl’s Day
Original bias: JiSun & SoJin
Current bias: Minah & Yura

GP Basic
Original bias: Janey
Current bias: Janey

Original bias: Sungmin
Current bias: Sungmin forever~ huuu~

Original bias: SungJong
Current bias: SungJong

Teen Top
Original bias: ChangJo
Current bias: ChangJo

miss A
Original bias: Min
Current bias: SUZY ❤

One Way
Original bias: Chance
Current bias: Young Sky

Original bias: Hyomin
Current bias: Hyomin