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Who Knows: Chapter 6

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sorry you waited for so long. or you didnt? LOL. ;p ignore me.


Amy’s POV

Walking home again today. My brother called just now and told me he couldn’t pick me up and is really upset about it. Today’s weather is good so I let him off-the-hook today. I walked home using the route I used yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to clearly see the place I hid yesterday since it was dark. I’ve been walking through here for thousands of times and I still don’t know the places. The place I hid yesterday with him, it was waaaaay at the back. Why would he take me so far at the back when there’s like alot of roofs here. I was running to get away from the rain and go back home quickly. I wonder why.

Then, I went straight back home and my phone rang again; HaNeul.
“Hello,” my innocent voice answered.
“Hi Amy!” again with the hight pitch, “You home? I’m bored. Let’s hangout at your place”
“Yep. I just got home. Come on here then.”
She agrees and hung up. I went to my room and changed my attire.

Ding Dong! HaNeul is here!
“Hey! Come on in,” I welcomed her as if she never came into my house.
“Thanks,” she gave me a slight smile with her eyes, “No one’s home?”
Oh yeah, I just realized that. No one was home. I just responded like I knew what was going on.
“Let’s go upstairs,” she insisted instead of me telling her to do so. She made her way to the second floor with me following behind her.

We entered my room and she immediately lie on my bed. I sat nicely at the edge of my bed.
“So, what makes you here?”
“I’m bored. Got nothing to do. Is it a crime for me to hang out with a bestfriend of mine?”
I forced a laugh. Then, I went down to get drinks for us and when I got back up, as guessed, there she is; infront of my laptop. Dangling to search for the Forum on her precious Korean Boy Bands. Its not that I don’t like them, I do. But not so much. As for boybands, I adore SHINee. HaNeul likes U-KISS and SS501; her favorite members? The siblings from both groups. Kim KiBum and Kim HyungJun.

I set the drinks on the empty table beside my bed and sat on the edge of my bed, silent. Daydreaming probably which made HaNeul eventually turned around and looked at me.
“Why are you not talking?” she asked. Scared. HaNeul is easily scared of things like that. She doesn’t like silence, at all. She’s experiencing this sort of trauma that I’ll hardly understand.
“Oh sorry. I got spaced out. What are you surfing?” Why is that even a question?
“Oh you know. Something you’re not interested in,” that statement made me sigh so hard that I push myself backwards and lie for a short moment. My feet tangling on the floor and half of my body lying down on my bed.

Few minutes after that, when I was finally relaxed,
“OH! MY GOD!” HaNeul said, well, yelled.
“What? What? What?!” I cant help but panic as well. I got off bed and stood up and see what’s up. Without me asking, she pointed at the screen and there was a headline ‘Unknown so-called-U-KISS member rumored to be seen with a girl running under the rain’
I read the article with the points “white van”, “school girl” and “backpack” with additional photos as proof got me thinking. Now, its my turn to go “Oh my God”

DongHo’s POV

“DongHo-ah, hurry up,” manager hyung yelled.
“Ah,” What should I do?! “Hyung, I can’t find it. You go and I’ll text you later if I found it”
“Arasso. I’ll go. Take care of yourself.”
“Ne. Bye hyung” And right when he closes the door, I start panicking. If its in my jacket, then it must be with Amy. I’m not even ready to meet her. What should I do?

Can’t manager hyung just call the school and take it? Is it that hard? Just then he called,
“Chill hyung. My phone is next to my ear. I’m not on speaker. Speak normally.”
“Ah, sorry. Found your timetable?”
“Ah,” I paused, “I… kinda lost it.”
“You what? How? Where?”
“I don’t know. I don’t remember.”
“Ah, you must be tired. Go rest and find it later. It must be there somewhere.”
“But hyung, cant you just contact the school? I’m not sure if I have it.”
“I cant. The other member are still having schedules, I have to be there. I cant make time, its hard. Your schedule is all packed up. Go have a rest first.”
“Arasso hyung.”

We both hung up. What should I do now? I have no other choice. I have to get it from Amy. But how?

okay. its short. sorry. ;p working on it! HEHEHE.

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November 24, 2010 at 10:42 am

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101119 Dongho – News Pictures

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i have no idea about the title but okay. 😀

credit: fyshindongho,


HOT HOT. /cries dramatically.

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November 20, 2010 at 9:50 am

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101119 Dongho – AMBELO Update

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i got my obsession for DongHo for quite a while now. i think i brag almost everywhere. HEHEHE. i figure i wanna post his photos here. ;p LMAO. im having fun posting SHINee photos over at BruneiShawols. 😀


source: AMBELO

so yes. my U-KISS need all comes from Rocketboxx. HEHEHHEE.

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November 20, 2010 at 9:42 am

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Who Knows: Chapter 5

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i’ve been writing my fics on my blog before. now, i think i’m gonna continue to write them here. 😀 hehehe. so yes, this is chapter 5. if you’re looking for the other chapter, its on my blog or you can click these links: ForewordChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3 |Chapter 4. 😀

as said before. im a beginner, so dont expect very high standard of stories from me… yet. LOL. ;p i hope you enjoy reading them anyway. 😀

oh yes, also note that most of the stuffs that is happening in this fic and the places/location are not real and are made. im not Korean nor do i live in Seoul, so i dont know the places. and i dont keep up with U-KISS’ schedule that much and i have to make something up in order to fit in with the story. 😀


Normal POV

The members panicked after DongHo suddenly closes his eyes and is not opening them again. They tried to wake him up by shaking his body, tapping his cheeks and alot more. But no response from the maknae. Their manager then quickly called the production team of “Rising Idol” and told them that DongHo couldn’t make it because of health emergency. The production team excused DongHo and asked him to come back for filming the next day instead. The other U-KISS members continued their schedule and DongHo was sent home to his house.

The next day, DongHo finally woke up when his mother was in the kitchen bringing food for him.


DongHo’s POV

Was it all a dream? I didn’t actually met her? Those questions, is burning my brain.

“Oh, DongHo yah. You finally woke up. Here, eat some soup. I made this for you. Its still hot. Careful,” umma said as she handed me a spoon-full of soup. I carefully blew it so it gets a little cold. I opened up my mouth and took a sip. Then there was a voice from below, “We’re here!” Let me guess, Xander hyung. The U-KISS members are here.
“DongHo’s room!” mom yelled back. I could hear footsteps and laughter from downstairs. Typical U-KISS members.
“DongHo yah~ How’s our maknae doing?” Soohyun hyung said.
“Thanks for coming guys. I’m doing alright,” I lied. My head was still spinning.
“What happened last night?” I asked.
“You should be telling us,” KiSeop hyung seriously answered. Xander continued, “Yeah, what happened. When you enter the car, you just fainted. We were panicking you know?”
I was suprised myself as the other members were. So, it wasn’t a dream. It was real, I met her. I met Amy!

“I had no idea what happened either,” I paused, “So, I wasn’t dreaming?”
“Of course not,” Kevin hyung said, rubbing my hair. I gave him a sharp glare and he turned around immediately.
“Arasso. What do we have today?”
Manager hyung then came in out of nowhere, “You’re supposed to film for ‘Rising Idol’ today as you missed yesterday’s because you didn’t wake up and your body’s temperature rose,” that statement made me put my hand on my forehead and he was right, its burning hot. I’m sick.
“And you are supposed to be schooling today too. But you’re still sick so there’s an excuse. We’ll take you to the hospital first before you can continue your schedule. We’ll be recording new songs for your comeback soon too”
What a whole load of words that made my spinning head spins even harder. School, yes school! Amy! God, I can’t, I’m still dizzy.

“Ah~” I felt as if I was releasing a silent anger, “Let’s go.” I stretched a little before going downstairs. I hugged my umma and went inside the car. Our first stop would be to the hospital. I had a quick check up and ate some painkillers and then went for schedule. I was filming ‘Raising Idol’ first with my English teacher, Remi. After that, we went to our next location, photoshoot for our variety show ‘U-KISS Vampire’

Thats all the schedule for me today. I went back to the dorm with manager hyung and KiBum hyung while the other members have their individual schedule to complete. As soon as I get my butt comfortably on the couch,
“What’s your first class tomorrow DongHo,” manager hyung immediately asked.
“Argh,” I whined, “I don’t know”
“Where’s your class timetable? Check it there”
“But hyung, I just get to sit”
“DongHo, I need to go and I need to get your schedule arranged. You were the one who wanted the paper yesterday and never gave back”
“Aish,” Too lazy to think or say anything else, I stood up and went to my room and opened my backpack and searched for the timetable. Its not there, where is it?! And then, it struct me. Its…. in the jacket!

Amy’s POV

Its morning and I woke up myself. My mom was pretty much surprised that I woke up by myself that morning and asked if I was even feeling well. Haha, funny. Well, I’ve gotta learn somehow to get up by myself. I showered and did my morning duties. Then, I went downstairs to eat my breakfast. Heenim oppa was there too, eating his breakfast. We didn’t talk at all because of the incident last night. Then, he sent me to school. Still silent at the car. He stopped infront of the school’s waiting place. When I was about to open the door he finally said,
“Yah~ Kim EunMi,” there was a short pause, “Mianhae, about yesterday. I did remember to pick you up. But I,” he paused again and sighed, “I fell asleep. Mianhae”
I was being ignorant and said, “Oh, yeah sure. Don’t forget to pick me up later.” Was I too rude?
“Okay! Promise!” He and his eyesmile replied to me.

When I got out of the car and walked down the hallway, thats when I remembered about the jacket. I left it at home. I wonder who the owner is. I am already at school and I can’t possibly go back home just to take the jacket. Now, I hope the person won’t be schooling today because I’d feel really guilty about it. He helped me alot and I forgot to bring his jacket and return it back to him. Throughout hours of lessons, no one came to me to claim their jacket which was a relief. But I’m still curious to know who it was.

When it was time to go back home. I waited for my oppa at the school gate. Then, my phone vibrated on my front pocket. Unknown caller ID. I wonder who it is?


ahh. there you go. chapter 5. 😀 I dont know if i used the “Point of Views (POV)” correctly. please tell me if its not. ;S im not sure about how to use them. UGH. alriight. happy reading! ^^

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