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110313 Song JiEun (and that cutie husky rapper) performs “Going Crazy”

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well, i know she’s been performing for a while now. but, yeah~ this time, she’s on the piano! :3 well, to be specific, only in the beginning. and the rapper. OMG. that YongGuk guy. i dont even~ o.o WOW. why is he blonde? 😛 /random hehehehe. it makes him look hotter. the way he raps is funny. he kept swinging his head. 😛 cute!

do i spot a little Victoria in JiEun there? (Victoria f(x)) and i think i see a G-Dragon + Wooyoung in the rapper. is it just me? im quite sleepy though. 😛 HAHAHA. i DUNNOOOOOO. /imitates YoSeob. :B

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March 13, 2011 at 10:45 pm

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