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[OFF/MSG/TRANS] 110601 Donghyun – BOYFRIEND’s Daum Cafe Message

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Subject: Hello! ^^

Hello. This is Boyfriend’s captain Donghyun. ^^
Lately, it gets very fun and exciting everyday .. I’m happy!

The first broadcasting day !
Too much tension that I can’t remember what I did on stage
But during Inkigayo stage, to those fans who did eye-contact and put out their hands and greet and came to watch our stage, it went well because our fans cheered for us.
Fans who cheered their voices out with excitement was nice. Thank you. Really! I just wanted to say that.

Today is an important meeting and I just came to the company.
Before rehearsing, I want to see the letters everyone gave
But, it was over 2000 people. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets get it up to 2000 people, 3000 people, 4000 people.

Today, Boyfriend will practice hard. I’m Your BoyFriend!!!!

source: BOYFRIEND’s Official Daum Cafe
crappy english translation by: well, me. :B HAHAHA. : P surry for that. ^^;;

well, as i said almost everywhere….A CRAPPY TRANSLATION. lmao. its the middle of the night and i’ve got nothing to do~ SO YEAH. dont take it very seriously. its not a 100% crappy transaltion, its just very rough translation and shall i say again that i have limited Korean. i searched up in the dictionary for words i dont know lol.

well, i love the “captain” here~ HUUU~

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June 8, 2011 at 2:45 am

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