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On Hiatus!

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hello everyone!

first of all, thank you so much for visiting icontoamy. especially to BestFs, for your BoyFriend needs-ish.

i’ve gone MIA all of the sudden and updating bit by bit only without telling you anything. i will be going on hiatus for a while because i have this big exam coming. i will be back in mid-November! hopefully with a brand new BoyFriend-only-related-blog!^^

i’m sorry if you waited for something from me through this blog but i ended up not doing anything because i didnt tell i was away. ;_; so, in order to make it up to you BestFs, i posted the translations for the past 0820 Star Call(s) – compilation from all of the members. i hope the trans isnt post up anywhere yet and that you’ll forgive me. >< hehehe ^^

once again, sorry for any inconveniences made. hope to be back soon! thanks for viewing my blog! hope you enjoy everything that i posted.

until then, take care.

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September 11, 2011 at 12:53 am

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[FB+PIC] 110819 Boyfriend Youngmin – Boyfriend’s Facebook Update

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Have you guys watched YoungMin’s ‘Dorasan Freedom’ last week? This music video was produced specially for the ‘DMZ Peace Concert‘, the free event hosted by MBC under the theme “We are the peace generation” at Paju City on 13th August. For fans who didn’t have a chance to watch YoungMin’s new side, here are some photos! Enjoy 🙂


Let’s say together ‘Dorasan Freedom’!


Last photo of ‘Dorasan Freedom’! Hope you like it

source: Boyfriend’s Facebook
credit: | imzee

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August 19, 2011 at 6:21 pm

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[VID/FC] 110730 Boyfriend – Taebaek Cinema Festival

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source: ForMin

source: ROMEO

Written by imzee

August 1, 2011 at 3:54 pm

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On hiatus

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hello everyone! Awesome readers, viewers!

As you know, I’ve been actively updating on Boyfriend for like….you know when. lol. But thank you for viewing my blog. I hope you enjoy reading and spazzing and stuffs. :B Sadly, I’m gonna be on hiatus for a while. Till early August because have this big-ish exam. Qualifying exam for O Levels. : S Wish me luck yes?

I’ll try to maybe steal to update. Mini-updates but not so much. I will be re-posting past updates that I have missed during my hiatus when I come back.

Sorry for that ;__; I hate leaving, even if its just for a while. SIGH. What to do~ Thanks everyone! ^^

Goodbye for now. Sobs.

P.S: GIF not mine.

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July 20, 2011 at 11:46 pm

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[REVIEW] Boyfriend’s 1st Single Album “Boyfriend”

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hello readers!

so, i bought Boyfriend’s 1st Single Album a few weeks ago and it came on Tuesday the 12th July. (thanks to my friend Fee!).

it was really my first time opening an album. lol. because my SHINee album is still sealed with the plastic lol. so yeah. i was really excited to see it in High Quality. yes, everything is really beautifully gorgeous. really, forreal. so, you get CD and a photobook/photo-booklet or whatever you call it. i dont remember how many pages. i dont wanna check it because i’ve already re-wrapped it with another plastic cover. lol.

in the photobook, there are photos of the boys. obviously lol. their “Thanks To” section as well as “Lyrics”. but i have to say that the paper for the photos are really…paper-y. lol really. it looks and feels like it can be easily ripped if not handle with care. lol. but yeah. its paper. its not those “plastic-paper” kind of paper. but its really high quality and gorgeous. you see all this princes. : P hehehe. also, there are a few photos that are not released anywhere on the internet, i guess. about 3 for each member.

you get 5 songs on the CD. “Let’s Get It Started”, “Boyfriend”, “You & I”, “Boyfriend (Instrumental)” and “You & I (Instrumental). its a normal CD with the writing “Boy Friend” on it and lines….like the ones on papers. yeaah~ i havent played the CD lol so i dont know if there’s anything special other than the songs. but im pretty sure there is none.

the poster. some of it comes with a poster and some doesnt. as for me, it didnt. but my friend gave me the poster (once again, thanks Fee!) and yeah, i have it now. lol. its big….obviously.

all i can say is, it is a really white-prince-like album. all you Girlfriends just have to get it. ok? especially if you’ve just gotten interested in Boyfriend. BUY THE ALBUM. k. : )

sorry if its not a proper review. lol. anyway, thanks for reading and buy one.

P.S: as for the photos, i dont have my scanner with me at the moment, so maybe i’ll post photos soon. ^^

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July 14, 2011 at 4:46 pm

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Hello visitors, readers!

Welcome to I guess you can call me Zee. I am a K-Pop fan. I love SHINee, Boyfriend and B.A.P the most. Also loving IU, SECRET, f(x), Girl’s Day, U-KISS, TEEN TOP and alot more! Key’s locket and Minwoo’s girlfriend. xP

Back to using this site as my own purposes of spazzing on my own. I am now a staff at weloveBoyfriend, so I wouldn’t really update about Boyfriend here that much anymore.

I love K-Pop. As you can see and yeah. I post videos of people doing song covers that I like, I post random photos of K-Idol that I like (as I call it, “Photo of The Day”), ulzzang photos and basically just anything that I like – mostly K-Pop related.

Anyway, enjoy your stay and it’d be awesome if you leave me a comment. Thank you!

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July 1, 2011 at 7:49 pm

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May 18, 2011 at 8:51 pm

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