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English Covers of “That XX” and “On Rainy Days”

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hello! well, it’s been a really long time since i updated this blog and im pretty sure not that much people come here anymore. oh well. i’ll keep posting nontheless. hahaha. because i need to keep track of things i like.

anyway, going through YouTube because December is a school holiday so I usually stay up this late. moving on, i recently came across 2 really amazing English covers of K-Pop songs. AMAZING.

first of, this is an old song by BEAST (because they release so many singles and this one becomes quite old lol im just kidding). It’s “On Rainy Days”. this is a Female Version English cover by Lona or also known as shakyshakeeeee on YouTube. check it out here:

it’s pretty good right? really beautiful. although the rap is in Korean, other than that, everything else is in english. however, i think it would be better if there are lyrics hehehe. anyway, do check it out and also check out her channel as well. she does A LOT of cover! mostly, in Korean.

secondly, “That XX” originally by G-Dragon of Big Bang! this is one amazing acoustic cover. the lyrics are almost similar to the direct translation of Korean to English. oh yes, this one is kinda an uncensored version(?). so you’ll hear a sorta english translation of the “XX” in the title. what am i saying, am i making any sense? ahh…just move on. check out the cover of “That XX” by KPEC (YouTube Channel: peuyeumus):

hope you liked them as much as i do. i hope to post a lot here but naaah, sometimes i get lazy lol.

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December 10, 2012 at 2:18 am

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