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2NE1 and Sungha Jung does a collab!

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hello! it’s been a really quite a while since my last post and now it’s August. hehehe.

well, this thing made news a few days ago and i think a lot of people had heard about it. well, there’s never too much spazzing. lol. so, as the title says, Sungha did a collaboration with 2NE1 on two of 2NE1’s songs. which are “I Love You” and “Lonely“, both in live acoustic version.

i think everyone has the same opinion as me; the collab is amazing. the song turned out amazing. very very amazing. 2NE1’s strong vocals combine with the Sungha’s style of beautiful guitar melody.

if you dont know, Jung Sungha is a famous professional fingerstyle guitarist. he uploads his covers as well as his original songs on his YouTube Channel. Do check it out if you haven’t. he’s amazing. and to add another fact, Sungha is a YG fan. he is both a VIP and a BlackJack. yes, he likes both Big Bang and 2NE1. and at the end, he gets to do a collaboration with 2NE1…..WOW!

well, enough with my long essay ㅠㅠ hehe sorry. so here’s the videos if you havent watch them already or want to watch it again:

I Love You (Acoustic Ver.):

(only audio, videos were blocked by YG)

Lonely (Acoustic Ver.):

credits to the YouTube uploaders for the video.

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August 2, 2012 at 2:36 pm

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