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Jason Lim covers an acoustic version of Boyfriend’s “I’ll Be There”

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finally posting again! 😀 YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! anyway, i did not just heard of Jason Lim and im sure a lot of you people know who he is as well. he is a very good singer. he is a Korean YouTube singer(?) yeah. is that how you say it? mmmmyeah. anyway, his recent cover is an acoustic version of Boyfriend’s “I’ll Be There” i honestly cannot explain how beautiful it is. you have to listen to it!:

now, i kinda wish Boyfriend to have an acoustic version of “I’ll Be There” hehehe.

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February 3, 2012 at 12:23 am

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[WordPress Tutorial K-POP Style] Start! #1

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Hello people!

So, as the title. I am going to make a wordpress tutorial based on my own limited knowledge. I started using wordpress since early 2010. So, it’s up to you to tell if I know enough so I’m just giving my best. And this is a “K-POP Style” because I most probably use K-POP in and as the examples and this is probably only use-able if you’re gonna construct a site for a K-POP related fanbase – I think.

My friends also wanted me to teach them how to use wordpress. So, here is to all! Hehe. Just incase non-KPop fans stumble upon this post when googling, well, you have been warned. ^^

Let’s start!


First and of course: Get yourself a wordpress account!
Go to and sign up! Follow the following steps and when you have already finished doing the steps following until you reach your dashboard. Then, welcome to the wordpress land! hehe.

Then, you see the navigation on the sides. Hmm. What is there to tell. Moving on:

01. Posting.

If you want to post something. Click on the “Posts” button on the left navigation side and click “Add New”.

Then you’ll know what to do. ^^ This is just really basic. So, I do think it’s quite easy.


-Posting photos
Posting photos can be either using a different picture hosting site or use wordpress’s ready made gallery. so it’s up to you. I will do a tutorial on the different picture hosting soon. Now I’ll just show how to post with wordpress’s ready made gallery. So, at the top of the post there are 3 buttons. Click the first one,

and then a pop-up window(?) will open that gives you the next instruction.

the Gallery(number) at the top indicates the number of photos you have for that post. You can either download them one by one or just type:

if you uploaded a lot of photos in one post or you are just lazy. :3

-Posting video – YouTube
So, there is a hard way, a not-so-hard-not-so-easy way and an easy way to post YouTube videos. So, basically….you just type: . Yep, easy as that.

02. Adding Categories.

Dashboard -> Posts -> Categories -> Add New Category

Just type on the box there.

Categories can be anything that you like. But it’s something that you can only add manually and yeah. I think it’s best if you do like, “Photos”, “Videos”, “Eng Sub” etc etc.

03. Tags

Tags can be added anytime. If you’re in the middle of posting. There is a tag ready under categories of your post.

For tags, it can be of anything. Name of the idol, name of idol group, name of variety show etc.


erm, so yeah. basics really. that’s all for now. i’ll do a second one soon. whenever im not busy and when i feel like it. and i guess you can request too if you want? yeah. or not. up to you. comment etc etc^^ thank you.

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February 3, 2012 at 12:18 am

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