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Written by imzee

December 30, 2011 at 2:54 pm

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I am baaaaack, not that anyone cares ;’D

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WELL HELLO! i know i said i’ll be back in like mid-Novermber. i was back! only….not here. HEHEHE. so, anyway, im pretty sure no one reads this blog anymore. back to being forever alone. :’D hahaha. anyway, errm…i kinda promise that i will be creating a “Boyfriend-related-only-blog” and i did not create one. i actually did until someone offers me a position on their site.

so now, i am currently a staff at weloveBoyfriend! YAAAY! so yes, i’ve been updating myself and other BFs with Boyfriend goodies. my blog will also be used for weloveBoyfriend’s staffs discussions so please just ignore anything related to it. hehehe. unless you’re a staff too.

how does it feel running a blog/weloveBoyfriend? hmm, it’s not my first time handling a blog-site so i do have experience and so i know how things work. i am glad the owner/founder is a really nice person. i’ve been making changes on the blog. from top to bottom and im thankful that the owner is really flexible and let me do so. hmm. what else. oh yes, also i am thankful that im in an already made blog. because i would die if i were to run my own blog alone. yeap. hahaha. so yeah. cool cool. hmm. what else?

oh yes! Boyfriend’s 3rd single. i swear, that was too fast man. like…..really. it just is. like Dont Touch My Girl to Pink Romance to I’ll Be There. im afraid the boys will be super tired and all. and i saw the BTS photos, Donghyun looks so down. plus the weather omg, take care boys :S

SHINee has also recently released “THE FIRST”, their first full Japanese Album. Japan albums are really crazy expensive man. like. they have 3 freaking versions and ALL of them are expensive. for me especially. though im really glad that they’re doing well, i kinda miss them in Korea ;_; alot of fans are. sigh. COME BACK SOON!

OH AND YES, happy birthday Choi Minho oppa! ;___; i love you and i love you with all my heart you flaming charisma.

hmmmm. there is really alot to talk about but i’ll be writing a 50 page essay then. so nevermind. 😛 hahaha. okay! that’s alll! 😀

Written by imzee

December 9, 2011 at 2:09 am

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