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[FB] 110812 Boyfriend Donghyun – Boyfriend’s Facebook Update

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Our official fanclub name is… Best Friend!

[DongHyun] Hello~^^ We have good news for you! As some of you already know, our official fanclub name is ‘Best Friend’! The same initials with BoyFriend’s ; B.F! Just like the meaning of the name, we hope to deepen our relationship and care for each other. Boyfriend & Best Friend, FIGHTING!!!! [from Boyfriend’s official twitter @G_BoyFriend]

[동현] 안녕하세요^^저희 팬여러분께 새로운 소식이있답니다 이미 아시는분도 계시겠지만 저의 공식팬클럽명이 Best Friend로 정해졌습니다 저희그룹과 이니셜두 같아요 B.F 이름뜻처럼 정말 더친해지고 아껴주자구여 보이프렌드&베프 화이팅!!!! [보이프렌드 공식 트위터 @G_BoyFriend]

source: Boyfriend’s Facebook

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August 14, 2011 at 8:45 pm

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[UFO/TRANS] 110811 Boyfriend Donghyun – UFO Replies

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Fan: [DongHyunseongJeongminYoungKwangMinwoo] Going to Busan~?! I’ll fly there if you’re coming keke
[Donghyun] Come Come on baB[y]*

Fan: [DongHyunseongJeongminYoungKwangMinwoo] How about noona fan(s)~? I want to give a gift to you this
[Donghyun] BoyFriend fan

Fan: [Donghyun] The reliable leader oppa♥ When is girlfriendᅲᅲ? We are B.F now?
[Donghyun] Girlfriend is included in B.F!

Fan: [Donghyun] Going? Are you for real?….I’m not being pushy kekeke♥
[Donghyun] Well you are being pushy hehekeke

Fan: [Donghyun] Captain-nim! I miss youᅲᅲᅲᅲCome here!Ppyong!♥♥
[Donghyun] Yes Ppyong!

Fan: ♥Donghyun♥ Why oppa rarely go to UFOᅲ_ᅲOppa, I miss you
[Donghyun] I also think I rarely go UFO

Fan: [DonghyunHyunseongJeongminYoungminKwangminMinwoo] Faster faster! Who is the most handsome man in this universe/world?
[Donghyun] I am the most handsome in this world, mystery solved

*Donghyun spelled “Come on baby” in Hangul but in English saying. He spelled “Come on baby” roughly as “Come on BeiyB” in hangul which explains the big letter “B” and an added “y” in the bracket.
#The replies may sound or look harsh but its actually not. it sounds alright in Korean, maybe it just sounds harsh in English^^

source: bf95linecn, UFOTOWN
credit: | imzee
(translations are rough and may not be 100% accurate)

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August 14, 2011 at 1:24 am

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