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[UFO/TRANS] 110704&20 Youngmin & Kwangmin – UFO Replies

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Fan: Kkuk*! Kkuk! Kkuk! Who’s here??Reveal yourself~~~
[Kwangmin] Kwangmin is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fan: [DonghyunHyunseongJeongminYoungminKwangminMinwoo] I want to get a reply from you guys~♥ Reply pleaseᅲ♥
[Kwangmin] hehe Alright I’ll give lots of reply

Fan: [Kwangmin] I just got an idea to create a Pokemon bread (>.<)!! keke
[Kwangmin] hehe Is the Pokemon bread nyummy??

Fan: [MinwooJeongminHyunseongJeongminYoungminKwangmin] Oppa(s)! What are you doing right now?ke I’m thinking about oppa(s) right now♥ke Reply~^
[Kwangmin] Yo~~ [Doing] nothing

Fan: [MinwooYoungminKwangminHyunseongDonghyunJeongmin] I really like oppa(s) I think I’m gonna die~~♥
[Kwangmin] Thank you~

Fan: [Boyfriend] Starting from tomorrow, I’m going to start my diet.   —-**
[Kwangmin] Hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Fan: [Youngmin] Oppa! I……had my first test today… I’m screwed… Cheer me upᅲᅲ I guess I have didnt do wellᅲ
[Youngmin] ᅲᅲ I think [you’ll] do well tomorrow~

Fan: @DonghyunHyuunseongJeongminMinwooYoungminKwangmin@ What is on today’s menu [at] Jeongsim***…?_? It must be really really delicious
[Youngmin] Hamburger! ~~~

*its like another version of saying “keke”
**i dont know what is said there. some Korean terms im not sure of, sorry ;S
***i think its a name of a restaurant….or just a make up name. idk. sorry lol.

source: UFOTOWN, twinsstar
credit + translations: | imzee

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August 8, 2011 at 2:51 pm

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