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[VID] 110808 Boyfriend – UFOtown Open

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source: UFOtownTV | YouTube
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August 8, 2011 at 10:49 pm

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[NEWS/TRANS] 110704 Colorful 17.5 year old “Boyfriend-dol” boys wants to be recognize for music, not appearance

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part of translation was taken from Allkpop. i re-translated this because some parts wasnt added by Allkpop and they just summarized it ^^ this is the full one. : )


▲Jeongmin, Youngmin, Minwoo, Kwangmin, Donghyun, Hyunseong


Working with Brave Brother’s for debut single,
“Kim HyunJoong look-a-like twins”,
a member who was an actor before his singing debut.

Boyband Boyfriend gaining nicknames such as “namchin-dol” and “aewon-dol” with the average age of 17.5 years old. With three of the members who are born in 1995 and just recently entered high school and the oldest member, the ‘leader’ is just 22 years old.

Their pure and cute concept is reminiscent of 13 years ago, Fin.K.L’s debut days, and a simple wink is all it takes to win a noona fan’s heart.

Boyfriend’s leader, Donghyun, trained under strict discipline for nearly five years. He woke up between 3 and 5AM to practice everyday, so the lack of sleep he endures right now is merely an opportunity for him to shine and make Boyfriend a nationally loved group like SNSD.

“When I was a senior in high school, I was on a show called ‘Conduct Zero‘, and my current company’s CEO and president contacted me. I trained for five years and now I’m Boyfriend’s leader.” (Donghyun)

Their self-titled debut single, “Boyfriend“, was created by the famous composer, Brave Brothers. The members practiced eight hours a day for two months to perfect their performance.

“The song has a unique rhythm and melodious flow to it. It portrays a boy’s wish to be your boyfriend and stay by your side.” (Donghyun)

Twins Youngmin and Kwangmin gained popularity for being “Kim Hyun Joong look-alikes”, and Minwoo was an actor before his singing debut. The twins modeled for a pictorial at the age of one and have starred in over 300 commercials to date. Minwoo debuted as an actor in a short film and received a ‘Best Actor’ award for his role.

Surprisingly, Youngmin also has prior acting experience from his role in Jang Dong Gun’s Hollywood debut film, ‘The Warrior’s Way‘. “The director wanted to meet me after seeing my profile, and I auditioned and got the role. I only met Jang Dong Gun sunbae while filming, and was unable to meet any of the foreign actors. I want to focus on singing first and try acting if I get the chance.” (Youngmin)

“Our father wanted to be a singer himself, so he stand by us and supports us a lot ” (Kwangmin)

“My mother knew what I wanted and supported me all the way, thanks to her I could stand where I am now. Being infront of the camera and standing on stage, I like my position is right now and I’m happy” (Minwoo)

On the other hand, Jungmin had to prove his talent to his parents before getting their consent. He personally entered in a song festival and brought an award home. His parents then gave him a chance to pursue a singing career.

“When I was a third year in middle school, a hyung of mine performed on the streets of Hongdae. I saw the performance and was dazed by the guitar and djembe sounds. I thought to myself, ‘Ahh~ That’s cool‘ and ‘I want to perform at a place like that‘. You know, street performances are up close and personal. You can be more intimate with your audience. I want to try a performance like that someday.” (Jeongmin)

Boyfriend is often mistaken for being a group that wants to succeed with their looks, but they’ve made it certain that they want to be recognized for their musical talents. Donghyun, who dreamed of becoming a pianist as a child, wants to compose his own songs later on. Jungmin has plans to learn a variety of instruments and Kwangmin, who is a fan of Dynamic Duo, wants to write his own rap lyrics.

“Recently I’ve been wanting to learn MIDI*. I’ve done it a lot in the past but eversince I got busy, I have to practice it again. My goal is, I hope in 5 years time, I’ll be able to produce an album [for Boyfriend]” (Hyunseong)

“I’ve been into dancing lately after seeing other people dance. I want to follow [the dancing] after seeing a lot and various types [of dancing]. Lately, I’ve been learning to sing and dance like SHINee’s Taemin sunbaenim” (Minwoo)

*MIDI means Musical Instrument Digital Interface. its like studying notes of music, but in a more digital/technological way

credit + translations: | imzee + Allkpop
(translations are rough and may not be 100% accurate)

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August 8, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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[VID/STARCALL/TRANS] 110805 Boyfriend Minwoo – Star Call

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[NOTE: it looks like the Star Call isnt recorded from the beginning, not sure though. that is why the beginning of the translations below may sound/look weird]

Ehehehehe… Ah, sorry…
So everyone, what song comes to your mind?
Me too….I mean the song that came into my mind is “You & I” as well. Hehehe Thank you.
We are working hard for our “You & I” activities so please give us lots of love. Until now, it has been Boyfriend’s Minwoo here. Give lots of love for “You & I”. Ppyong~!!

video credit: BBSW11 | YouTube
translations by: | imzee
(a very big thanks to minwooya!!)

translations are rough and may not be 100% accurate.

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August 8, 2011 at 4:38 pm

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[PIC/PRE-D] Boyfriend Donghyun – Pre-Debut Photoshoot Photos

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source: Starship Entertainment Town Hompi, Bestiz
credit: | imzee

handsome eh? : P hehehehe.

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August 8, 2011 at 3:07 pm

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[UFO/TRANS] 110704&20 Youngmin & Kwangmin – UFO Replies

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Fan: Kkuk*! Kkuk! Kkuk! Who’s here??Reveal yourself~~~
[Kwangmin] Kwangmin is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fan: [DonghyunHyunseongJeongminYoungminKwangminMinwoo] I want to get a reply from you guys~♥ Reply pleaseᅲ♥
[Kwangmin] hehe Alright I’ll give lots of reply

Fan: [Kwangmin] I just got an idea to create a Pokemon bread (>.<)!! keke
[Kwangmin] hehe Is the Pokemon bread nyummy??

Fan: [MinwooJeongminHyunseongJeongminYoungminKwangmin] Oppa(s)! What are you doing right now?ke I’m thinking about oppa(s) right now♥ke Reply~^
[Kwangmin] Yo~~ [Doing] nothing

Fan: [MinwooYoungminKwangminHyunseongDonghyunJeongmin] I really like oppa(s) I think I’m gonna die~~♥
[Kwangmin] Thank you~

Fan: [Boyfriend] Starting from tomorrow, I’m going to start my diet.   —-**
[Kwangmin] Hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Fan: [Youngmin] Oppa! I……had my first test today… I’m screwed… Cheer me upᅲᅲ I guess I have didnt do wellᅲ
[Youngmin] ᅲᅲ I think [you’ll] do well tomorrow~

Fan: @DonghyunHyuunseongJeongminMinwooYoungminKwangmin@ What is on today’s menu [at] Jeongsim***…?_? It must be really really delicious
[Youngmin] Hamburger! ~~~

*its like another version of saying “keke”
**i dont know what is said there. some Korean terms im not sure of, sorry ;S
***i think its a name of a restaurant….or just a make up name. idk. sorry lol.

source: UFOTOWN, twinsstar
credit + translations: | imzee

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August 8, 2011 at 2:51 pm

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