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[TWEET/TRANS] 110716 Boyfriend Kwangmin & Youngmin – Boyfriend’s Twitter Updates

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Original Tweet:

@taeccool 안녕하세요 형 저 광민입니다 다시한번 1위축하드리고요!!! 다음주 1위때는 어색하지않게 Put your hands up할게요!!투피엠최고!!

English Translation:

@taeccool Hello hyung, it’s Kwangmin here[.] Once again, congratulations for getting 1st place!!! Next week if you get 1st place, I will not do an awkward Put your hands up!!2PM the best!!


Original Tweet:

@taeccool 형 저 영민이에요 저희를 반갑게 맞아주셔서 너무감사하면서도 놀랐어요 1위 너무축하드리고요 ㅠㅠ담엔 잘할수있게 연습해놓겠습니다!!

English Translation:

@taeccool Hyung, it’s Youngmin[.] We are still surprised of your greeting, but thank you. Congratulations on winning 1st[.] You just really surprised us earlier, in fact, I thought I was gonna faintㅠㅠNext time, I will do better, I’ll practice!!

source: Boyfriend’s Twitter
translations by: | imzee
translations are rough and may not be 100% accurate

again, not much fullstops. etc. sobs.

Written by imzee

July 16, 2011 at 1:15 am

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