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[INFO/TRANS] SBS Inkigayo Magazine Interview, “How would Boyfriend confess to a girl?”

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original photo by: ForMin
credit + translations: Undermickeysskin@ OurBoyfriend + Boy friend Philippines
shared and re-upload by: | imzee

actually, i plan to translate the whole interview of the magazine. but, exam is near and i cant do so. i MIGHT do it if no one translates it by somewhere in mid-August. ^^ im curious of what the other interviews are all about too! : D

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July 13, 2011 at 6:02 pm

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[OFF/MSG/TRANS] 110706 Boyfriend Jeongmin – Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe Message

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[From Jeongmin] Everyone ~ Jeongmin here !!

Hello it’s Jeongmin!
The weather is completely going back and forth*…. Cant the rain make up it’s mind ?
Now that the tests has ended, a lot more exciting work to do. !!!

Did we do well on the CD signing. ?! The signing was hard to do**. !! +0+
The members distribute which letter is who’s according “to” who it is wrote for~^^

Splitting the gifts!?…We don’t know how to!***

Everyone !

I~~~~~am chatting. ᅳ,.ᅳ keke (Checking photos kekeke)
Every-time I look at the photos of our stage performance posted, I feel like I’ve given a lot of strength to it and now I have work harder in order to give even more strength.****
Also, I …… was doing a gag ..

Look forward to Boyfriend this week. Ppyong ♥

source: Boyfriend’s DAUM Cafe
source find: boyf_ym0424
credit + translations: | imzee

*the weather was not constant. sometimes its sunny, sometimes it rains.
**as in, the fan-signing was hard to do.
***they just dont know how to split which gift is who’s (because, each member probably want it all to themselves lol : P)
****Jeongmin was doing a “gag” there. he said that he’s given a powerful stage already, now he needs to work harder to give even a more powerful stage.

Translations are rough and may not be 100% accurate.

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July 13, 2011 at 5:33 pm

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