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[OFF/MSG/TRANS] 110704 Boyfriend Youngmin – Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe Message

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[From YoungMin] Hello. ^^

Hello. This is Youngmin. ^^
Is everyone doing well?
Just remembered to write here because I thought of you while practicing.
Already.. exceed a month since our debut!! Wow~
Time passed really fast. Seems like a lot of things happened in one month.
Fan-meeting, fan-signing and up until Inkigayo TAKE 7. kukkukkukkuk!!!*
Thank you everyone. ^^ It happened because of so many people took interest and cheer for us.
Boyfriend and Youngmin will work harder in the future!!
I should head back to practice.^^ Also, let’s meet soon!
I’m your boyfriend See you later~ ~

P.S: It’s exam period>_< People who are taking the exam, score 100 points for the exam!! !!

source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe
source find: boyf_ym0424
credit + translations: | imzee

* “kukkukkukkuk” is a sound. similar to saying “kekekeke”
#the words in italic is written in English as it is
Translations are rough and may not be 100% accurate

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July 5, 2011 at 6:29 pm

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