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[INTV/REPORT/TRANS] Boyfriend sat down for a talk with a High School Reporter

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[High School Reporter] Aewan-dol once appeared as a keyword? (unsure)

‘Meeting with Rookie-idol Boyfriend’

“I’m your only Boy Friend~ Your only Boy Friend~♬”
Oh my Goodness! Killing with only a smile and saying ‘your only boyfriend’ along with moving the shoulders of these six flower boys. Who is it? A direct-interview with idol-group ‘Boyfriend’. Members Donghyun, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo, Hyunseong, Jeongmin with the average age of 17.5. Except the leader Donghyun who is born in the year ’89 the rest of them are still teenagers.

Debuting with the nicknames “aewon-dol (pet-idol)” “namchin-dol (boyfriend-idol)” caught the attention of P.A.S.S High School Students and even met the senior journalist/reporter, Lee SuJi (Incheon, Seo-un-go, 3rd Grade). On June 13th, they came together to Sejong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul Dong-A Media Center for an interview. As a rookie who just debuted, they are quite nervous. I interviewed them in a formal way first, but most of them are younger or the same age as me so I feel comfortable conversing with them.

The members of Boyfriend spoke honestly, would you like to know?

Kim HyunJoong look-a-like twins,
IU’s yeon-ha-nam (younger man)

Boyfriend is one of the representative of the ‘New-wave band’. In addition to music, dance and fashion and others, this “New Wave” is leading across South Korea and determine to invade the Asian K-Pop markets.

Boyfriend debuted with the song which has the same name as the group itself, ‘Boyfriend’. It is written by producer Brave Brothers who has also produced Big Bang’s ‘Last Farewell’, Son DamBi’s “Crazy” and many other hit songs. The boys express their emotion of falling in love well in the variety of lively rhythms and lovely lyrics plus the choreography.

Further more, Boyfriend’s choreography on stage have a main point. Maknae Minwoo showed the so-called ‘aegyo-dance (cute-dance)’ by putting his hands together. “The aegyo-dance is literally to show a cute actions to the girlfriend. So, put your hands together and move your shoulder deul-sseog deu-lsseog*! You have to see our stage performance for the rest (laughs)”

Boyfriend’s pre-debut activities in the past recently become a hot topic. Singer Kim HyunJoong look-a-like twin brothers Youngmin-gun**, Kwangmin-gun have shot over 300 CFs as a child in the past which gives them a lot of experiences. Minwoo-gun’s ‘K.Will back-up dancer’ and ‘IU’s yeon-ha-nam (younger man)’ was on the portal sites real-time ‘All-kill’ searched. Donghyun-ssi*** neun appeared in the broadcast of the program ‘Conduct Zero’ in 2006. Being on the camera a lot of times is supposed to be a great help for a singer, but they are still awkward in-front of the camera.

“When the music program first broadcast, we were monitoring it at the back and it feels like need a lot more practice. I’m new to it all so it is awkward. The members often sit together in front of a mirror and practice their expressions.” (HyunSeong)

“Many people knows about our career in the past, but we also want to show them our music and get into it. When we sing to our fans, we want to deliver it and think as if we’re confessing (our love) to our girlfriend!” (YoungMin)

A men/boy’s friend, a women/girl’s beloved boyfriend

Donghyun-ssi who is currently studying in MyeongJi Universtiy in the Department of Musical and Hyunseong who just recently graduated from high school, the other four members are entertainers and students at the same time. Kwangmin, Youngmin, Minwoo-gun are 1st year students in performing arts in Seoul, Jeongmin is a 2nd year student studying music in Seoul.

Being excused from school for a schedule happens quite often. Being a trainee, as soon as coming down from the school bus, they head straight to the practice room to sing and dance. It still happens up till nowadays. Especially DongHyun-ssi who has been training for 5 years. It is not short, but long hours of suffering.

“As a trainee who had been training with a bunch of friends to become a singer, people always ask ‘When are you coming out’****. When it gets tough I would go hang out at my friend’s house and talk with them and also to my parents. But later on, I became more familiar with it and now I think it is a big help to me.” (DongHyun)

Boyfriend are just on their first step towards their dream. Their future goal is to be answered with a rookie award. Also Boyfriend someday wants to have a solo concert with all of the members. The ultimate goal of being a singer is to be loved by everyone! “We want to be to be liked as ‘Best Friends’ for men/boys and to be a beloved “Boyfriend” to women/girls”. So look forward to the passionate Boyfriend!

▶ Lee SuJi P·A·S·S High School student journalist · Incehon, Seoungo 3rd Year.

*it is a saying along with an action where you rise your shoulders like in Boyfriend’s dance.
** “-gun” is a way or continuation of addressing a person’s name.
*** “-ssi” is a formal way of addressing a person who is older.
**** as in coming out to debut.

source: weeklypass
credit + translation: | imzee


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