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[VID/BROAD] 110622 Boyfriend – Mnet M! Pick Episode 5

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credit: BBSW11 | YouTube

this will be the last episode. : ( sobs.

the continuation of Hyunseong’s birthday. lol at Jeongmin laughing at Youngmin for crying. :B Young is really sensitive. aww. ^^ i love the english when they were checking out the video. “Minwoo is cute” and “SEXHYYYYY” lol. alot of comments are about Minwoo. and his -awkward- laugh in the interview. :3 GOSH, SO ADORABLE!

the fanmeeting! LUCKY FANS! D; hahaha. OMG DongWoo!

YAY for full BTS and NGs on “Coffee Friend” : P lmao Kwangmin, you’re an actor or what? : P so cute~ lmao Donghyun’s awkward scene : P that boy cant stop laughing. : D Minwoo’s cute sneeeeze. did he sneeze? lol. OMG YOUNGMINWOO’s KISSING-ish SCENE. : P HAHAHAHA. forehead to forehead :B lmao. Kwangmin’s fail for putting the towel on Dongwoon’s head.

OMG. the performance at the end. DONGWOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!11 AJHDURGFRYFRUYGFTG. Minwoo and Donghyun is in love with each other okay?! :B OH SO SWEET, I LIKE THAT! : P hahahaha. so sweeeeeet. i love when Minwoo hugged Donghyun from the back! AND DONGHYUN IS LIKE SO SURPRISED. I WANT A FULL VID OF THAT PLEASE!!!! HEHEHEHE.

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June 22, 2011 at 6:54 pm

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