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Check this out!: “돌아와줘 (Come Back To Me)” by TaeHa

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credit: duchoang872010 | YouTube

i came across this MV lately and i think its quite a good song. an R&B. he has a nice voice. the meaning of the song is also beautiful. HEHEHE. well, at least to me. it can relate to me somehow.

im not sure who this “TaeHa” is nor do i know his last name. i’ve searched on Google but still, cant find anything about him. sorry T_T 

its a new song and his mini album just recently came out. and i think he has just debuted. hehehe.

so, if you’re up for a slow R&B song, listen to it. it gives a calm feeling. ^^

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May 1, 2011 at 9:57 pm

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