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f(x)’s teaser photos: Krystal, Sulli and Amber

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OMG. finally! f(x) is finally having a comeback! 😀 Teaser photos were out on 6th April onwards.

Starting from the maknae, Krystal‘s:

At first, i thought this is a photo of Victoria. IDKY. -.-” i love the color and i love the fierce look in her eyes which made me thought of Victoria lmao /fail


Then, it was the long MIA member who is finally back, Amber!

no surprise. they should’ve hid her hair before. -.-” i already knew that she was gonna be blonde. but glad she’s back!! in blue~ 😀


the latest was, the cutie pie Sulli!

cute as usual! 😀

im really looking forward to this. the photo seems to be having different concepts. with Krystal being feirce to the hot Amber to cutie Sulli! cant wait for Victoria’s and Luna’s! im guessing Luna’s will be revealed tomorrow! :B

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April 10, 2011 at 1:38 am

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