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110328 U-KISS – ArirangWorld ShowBiz Extra + DongHo speaking in English /ASKFGHSMIJ. the new members and also some videos includes Xander and KiBum ;_;

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well… its the behind the scenes of their new Mini Album with the new members. they’re okay, for now. i’ll have to hear them sing to judge.

AWW. DONGHO’S ENGLIGH OMG. ASJASDJEIUFHUFHRU. “That’s what I’m saying” TROLOL. yeah right honey. 😛 and he showed off his acting skills and cried. LMAO. you adorkable little AJDHDFHAIUHFRER. /SQUISHES.

and yes, seeing videos where Xander and Kibum are shown, GOSH I MISS THEM. 😦

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March 29, 2011 at 3:19 pm

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