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Who Knows: Chapter 8

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DongHo’s POV

After I hung up on the phone conversation with Amy earlier, I immidiately changed my clothes into something decent, something normal. I took fifteen minutes just to find the right clothes. Hopefully no one will reconize me and I can safely go to Amy’s house and comeback here without anyone knowing but just the two of us. Wow that sounds special. I carefully turn unlocked my room’s door. Stuck my head out to see if anyone was there. KiBum hyung was still in his room and its clear. No one was around. I turned on the TV but lower the volume so it sounds like I’m home and so that I wont woke KiBum hyung up. Then, I slowly walked to the front door, turned the door knob and again stuck my head out to search the hallway. No one is there. I can make my way out now. I walked myself to the lif and to the ground floor and now I safely made my escape out of the building. Cap down, mask on, hands crossed. Check! I’m all set. I made my way to Amy’s house with her address written on my hand. I hope I wont get lost. Its afternoon and its cold today. I tried to hide my face from teenage girls into thinking they could be my fans. I walked fastly to reach Amy’s house faster.

While I was walking, I feel like someone was following me from the back. Holding my hat, I carefully took a peek on the people behind me. Girls. Oh shit, did they found out who I am? I walked even faster and thought they’d go away. But no, they were walking almost the same speed as I am. What should I do. I didnt think much and when I knew I was close, I ran. With me running, I think I made it obvious for the girls to actually figure out who I was. Thankfully, I was finally 10 steps away from her house. I double checked her address and I was right. With the girls still following me – I know because I can hear phone’s camera’s flashes behind me – I walked immidiately into her lane and knock on her door for like a thousand of times. I was sweating because of running earlier. I didnt dare to look back just incase they’d found out who I was. The door was finally opened and there she is, Amy. With her angelic smile. I’m at the right house!
“Oh. Annyeonghaseyo,” Amy greeted me. I looked down immidiately not knowing what to do. I dont want her to reconize me. “Wait a minute okay. I’ll go get your jacket. Sorry I left it in the kitchen.” I just nod in response. Then she went back inside the house. At that time, my head suddenly feels heavy. I couldnt control it, it was too heavy even for me to handle. I guess that’s the running’s effect for a sick person like me. The painkiller worned off. I felt like I was about to fall and I grabbed the door frame for support. I hit my head with my free hand, my purpose was to make the headache go away but that didnt work at all. I couldnt help it, I cant lift myself up anymore and eventually everything turned black. But before that I heard a scream. From Amy’s mouth, “DongHo ya!”

The next thing I knew was, I was on a lying comfortably on a bed. Damn, was I dreaming this time? But when I fully opened my eyes, I was in an unfirmiliar room. I sat down so suddenly and felt my head was kicking me back to the pillow. Where am I? I just decided to lie down and close my eyes. Maybe this is a dream. Just then, I heard footsteps. I didnt care. Then, I felt a hand on my forehead. A real life warm human hand. That shocked me that I opened my eyes and turned my head to see who it was. Amy. There, I realise my cap and my mask wasnt on anymore. My identity is revealed.

Amy’s POV

I waited for DongHo in the living room. Then, went to the kitchen to make some coffee for me. A good day for a little warm coffee. His jacket still hanging on my left arm. I set it down on the oven and made my coffee. Right on time when my coffee was made, there was a knock on my door. DongHo, he’s here. I knew it was him because people who knows my house would probably use the bell. I put my coffee down and made my way to the front door. I opened all three locks and turned the door knob.

There is a person with a possibly ripped style black cap, wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. At one second, I thought he was someone else. Couldnt possibly be DongHo. I was wrong then. DongHo would possibly come with his manager or the U-KISS members in a van which can make U-KISS fans burn my house down. Oh well, glad its not him.
“Oh. Annyeonghaseyo.” I greet him. He wouldnt get his head up. I think he’s cold considering the jacket he’s wearing is not thick enough for a walk in this weather. Oh yes, his jacket! Where is it? I stupidly searched around me into thinking it was there. Oh God, I left it in the kitchen. This is so embarassing.
“Wait a minute okay. I’ll go get your jacket. Sorry I left it in the kitchen.” I waited for his response and he noded. I hurry to the kitchen and took his jacket. I brought my coffee too, I was thinking to offer it to him since he’s cold. Well, at least thats how he looks like. I hope he’s a coffee fan. When I got back to the front door, he was leaning on the frame on my door and looks like he was about to fall which he eventually did. “DongHo ya!” his name came out from my mouth and I dont know why. I hope he didnt hear me said that, that’d be embarassing. I ran to him hoping to catch him but he already fell. I spilled my coffee a little on the floor. Then, I put both DongHo’s jacket and the coffee to the nearest table and helped the guy get up.

I ran to him and shook his body. He didnt respond. Then, I opened his cap. Oh my God. It’s DongHo. I rubbed my eyes checking that I wasnt daydreaming. This is serious matter. I looked back at his face and it was him, its Shin DongHo. Why on earth is he alone? More importantly, what am I supposed to do now? I cant just possibly leave him there. The neighbours might think I killed a boy. I looked outside and no one was there.

I quickly pulled his body in by his arms. What should I do now? I tapped his face several times but he’s still not waking up. Gosh, he’s sweating. Was he chased on his way here? I’m dead if people found out about this. I gave all my will to lift him up by his sweaty armpit and dragged him to the extra bedroom next to the kitchen. I dont have that much muscle to bring him all the way up to my room. I dragged him letting his butt and legs sweeping the floor. Mianhae DongHo. I finally reached the bedroom and gave all the energy I have in my body to lift him up on the bed. He’s still not waking up. He wasnt that heavy, I was just weak and lost alot of energy because I was in a panic mode. Then I switched on both the fan and the air-conditioner. Then I looked at him. He was sweating. His hair is soaking wet. I got out of the room, took small towels and a pour a warm water inside a bucket. I went back in the room and he was still not responding. I opened his face mask and then wiped his face with the wet warm towel. Finished, what should I do now? I’m not good with nursing people. Espicially a boy, its awkward. Should I open up his jacket too? He seems to be sweating everywhere. I thought it was pretty cold today. I put the wet towel away and took one step to my left. I bend my body down and open the zipper of his jacket hoping he wouldnt wake up. It’d be a wrong timing. I managed to unzip his jacket all the way down and thank God he was wearing something inside. With him not responding, I left him in the room and decided to put on my cooking skills and cook him a decent chicken soup. I hope I’m good enough.

I left the room and went to the kitchen. Got my apron on, took some ingredients, lit the stove and I’m ready to cook. Then, my phone rang. Caller ID: Heenim oppa. I answered his call while cooking.
“Ne Heenim oppa?”
“Are you home already?”
“Good. Mom just called. She said she’ll be at Daegu for the day with dad. They’re coming home tomorrow afternoon. And I’m staying at my friends, fixing some parts of a car. You can stay at you friend’s if you want. You’ll be home alone.” That statement made me widen my eyes. I was a little relieved that no one is gonna be home and see a random boy – I mean an idol – in the house lying on the bed. But thats the problem. I’m home alone with an idol who I dont even know much about. Crazy.
“Alright. I’ll think about it. Thanks.” We both said goodbye and hung up. What a situation. I left the soup on the stove and let it heat for a while and went to check on DongHo.

I went back to the room and nervously put the palm of my hand on his forehead to feel his temperature. Suprisingly, with just a little touch. His eyes opened. He looked at me like I’m not human. I just smiled to tell him that I am human.
“DongHo ya, you’re up. Thank God. I was getting worried.” When I spoke, the ‘look’ he had on me earlier fade away and looked a little relaxed. Maybe knowing that I talk the same language and believed that I’m a human just like him.
“Oh. Thank you.” He said and looked around from side to side, still lying down. “But. Where am I?”
“You’re in my house. I dont know what happened but when I was taking your jacket and went back to the front door, you were lying down. I think you fainted.” The last sentance was obviously stupid. I was nervous. I didnt know what to say.
He let out a little “Oh” and covered his face.
“Are you.. okay? I made you soup if you want.” I smiled. He immidiately looked at me and stare like he’s hungry for some food. With wide-eyes I thought, ‘Alright, I’ll go get the food. Dont eat me already’

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December 20, 2010 at 6:55 am

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  1. Woow. Girl,i need chapter 9 prontoooooo! ;P nyahahahah


    December 21, 2010 at 2:50 am

    • LOL. working on it! 😀 hahaha! thanks for reading! ;p


      December 21, 2010 at 2:51 am



    November 20, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    • omg. seriously? :’D lol thanks! i thought no one would want to read it so i didnt continue. sorry for the super late reply btw!


      December 9, 2011 at 1:43 am

      • omg have u written chapter 9 yet? u should totally post this story onto AsianFanFics u hv tooooo!!!!!


        February 18, 2012 at 9:42 am

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