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S.M THE BALLAD release “Hot Times” Music Video a few days ago! and today, there’s an unofficial colored version!

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wow what a long title. i just had to do that. HAHAHAHA. anyway, yeah. one of my wishes is for S.M THE BALLAD to release a MV for “Hot Times” because OMG that song is so hot and it needs an MV. is there any other reason why there shouldnt be an MV? ;p

i got my wish and they released an MV a few days (or was it weeks? idk) ago. i wasnt home and the internet was not with me. so i felt like shooting myself then. but luckily i didnt. OKAY OKAY.

(download link is up at BruneiShawols: here. HEHEHE)

downloaded, went crazy, died. then, i think i was too happy that i didnt bother to do over 100 screencaps on Jonghyun (and then posted it to BruneiShawols and even happily even gave the download link to it)

but i think “Miss You” MV was better because of the colour and myabe alot of shots and acting. IDK. i still love both nonetheless! 😀 HEHEHEHE.

then, later today, i saw the coloured version on YouTube. i guess it is unofficial. hmm

(posted here with DL ;D)

Written by imzee

December 19, 2010 at 9:43 pm

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