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Who Knows: Chapter 7

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ahh. finally posting this. ;D in order to make up my mistake(?) for being MIA and the short story on
chapter 6. i made a long one (i think?) for chapter 7. ;p HEHEHE. enjoy~


DongHo’s POV

“Hello?” He answered his phone call, “JongGun speaking”
“JongGun hyung! It’s DongHo,” I tried to sound heavenly.
“DongHo-yah! My pabo friend. Just kidding, dude, whats up?” His usual calm voice responded.
“Just wondering”, I paused. And then gulped, “Do you have Amy’s phone number?” I nervously asked. JongGun is my friend. One of my closest friend I have in school. He’s a jock and I think he’s got every girl in that school’s phone number. And since Amy is like the president of the girls student, there’s no doubt he doesnt have her number. Let’s just say he randomly comes to my mind when I think about the girls from my school. We became friends the 4th times I came to school last year. We were assigened for a school project and since I have a busy schedule of being an idol, I couldnt do much. So he offers to do everything and he doesnt even mind. Not even a bit. A great buddy huh?
“Amy,” he paused. Possibly thinking. “Oh her. Eun Mi. Yep, I do.”
“Yep her.” I said confidently although I have no idea her Korean name is Eun Mi. “Can I have it?” And again, nervous.
“Sure. I’ll text you up bro,” he’s so calm. And thank God, no questions.
“Alright! Thanks hyung! You’re the man!”
“Wait,” he suddenly said. I spoke too soon, there are questions. “Why? Not to be busybody though. I dont mind giving her your number. But seriously man, I’m outdated.”
I gave out a little laugh. “Nothing.” Nervously speaking, even the phone is shaking. “I left something with her”
“Alright. Gotta go now. Will text you her number” He hung up. Must be busy.

In less then 10 seconds there’s a text message on my phone of Amy’s phone number and a little text saying ‘Here you go~ DongHo-ah, tell me what happened, you know. Hehehe’
I searched for a pen and paper to copy her phone number. Copied to a piece of paper, then back to my phone. I still dont know how to do copy-pasting.

Inhale and exhale. Alright DongHo, you’re ready to do this. Call her.
I double checked the number I copied earlier and click….. dail.
“Hello? (Yeobsaeyo?)” A cute jumpy voice answered. I dont know how to answer. I’ve already melted by her voice.
“I….. I……”

Amy’s POV

“Ah, I dont care about your boyband business,” I go back and sat at the edge of my bed as if I dont know anything.
I stare into thin air and thought back. That girl, the atmosphere, the weather and the description looks really…… like the other day.
And suddenly the song of f(x)’s Chu~ startled me. My ringtone. Both HaNeul and I are startled. I searched for my phone around my bed and it is nowhere to be found. HaNeul then handed out my phone which she got somewhere around the computer and gave it to me. “No name. Unknown Number?,” she informed me.
“Thanks.” I took my phone out of her hands and looked at the caller ID. “Wonder who it is.”

I clear my throat and answered the call, “Hello?~” OMO, my voice changed.
No one answered and when I was to ask another question. There is a voice of a guy
“I….. I…… (Cheoneun…… Cheoneun……)”
“Oh. Annyeonghaseyo. Uh. Who is this?”
“I….. I…..”
Is he nervous or someone is pranking me. “Is this a prank call? I dont like something like this. I’m hanging up”
“Wait wait wait!” He finally spoke, “Mianhae.”
“Oh. Its alright.” I dont know what else to say.
“Is this Amy?”
“Yep. Amy speaking”
“I’m just wondering. Is my….” there was a pause, “Is my jacket….. still with you?”
“Jacket?” Then it crossed my mind. It was that guy under the rain. That ‘possibly’ U-KISS member. “Oh yes. Its your’s?”
“Yes” Thats when it strucked me. The only U-KISS member that goes to the same school as I do. U-KISS’ maknae, Shin DongHo.
“Uh. Hello?” He confusedly asked because I suddenly went silent.
“Ah yes. I’m still here,” I tried to sound unsuspicious.
“Can I possibly have it back? I left something in there. You can keep the jacket if you want,” he let out a little nervous laugh.

Normal POV

HaNeul was still looking at the photos of the girl on the internet.
“Oh sure. I’ll give you my address. But when are you getting it?” Amy said on the other hand. HaNeul took a look at her wondering ‘Is someone coming over?’ Then back to the computer’s screen.
DongHo on the other side of the phone answered, “Today? Something important came up and I need it right away. It wont take long. About 3 minutes is enough I guess”
“Sure” Amy thought he really needed it and couldnt deny it as DongHo already helped her the other day. They both then hung up and Amy texted DongHo her home address. She eventually forgot one important thing. The person she invited is U-KISS’ DongHo and a hardcore U-KISS fan was sitting infront of her and doesnt even know that the person in the photos they saw earlier was actually her own best friend in the same room and a member of her favourite korean boyband.

“So who called?” HaNeul turned around to Amy and asked with a strong stare. Amy gulped and felt rather nervous to answer. HaNeul was staring at her, waiting for an answer. There, Amy finally realised of who she was inviting and who was in the room.
‘OH SHOOT’ she thought. “Uh. My friend.” Amy obviously lied, “Sorry HaNeul. I’m gonna go out with hi– one of my friends today. I forgot that h– she was coming. Do you mind? I hope its alright.” That was the excuse. Amy was too nervous and had to think of an excuse in a short time.
“Ah,” HaNeul was buying it, believing Amy’s words, “No no. Its alright. I can come again soon right?” She asked again, about to pack her stuffs.
“Y-yeah. Sure. Just give me a call,” Amy gave out a nervous laugh. “Sorry again HaNeul. I should’ve remembered”
“Its okay Amy. Things happen and you certainly are a forgetful person,” HaNeul gave out a laugh, “Alright. I’ll call my driver first. He’ll be here in a sec”
“I’ll walk you to the door” Amy jumped out of bed and walked HaNeul to the front door. They sat at the outside bench waiting for HaNeul’s driver. A few minutes later, the driver finally came and HaNeul went home. Amy gave out a sigh in relief. She felt bad for lying to her own bestfriend but she had to do it. She’s gonna get killed if HaNeul knows. Amy was not ready to tell the truth.

Amy walked back up to her room and cleaned up the mess in her room and took the jacket.
DongHo, on the other hand, changed his clother for something casual and un-celebrity like. A cap, a mask on, a jacket, a pair of jeans and he’s all set.

forgive me for any mistakes. wrote it in a hurry, well, sort off. ;p

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