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GP Basic – I’ll Be There

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GP Basic made a comeback today. they are probably the youngest girl group in K-Pop for now. with having members born in the 1996 and 1998. they continued with their new digital single, “I’ll Be There”

the song is dedicated to their maknae Janey who couldnt perform on stage with them due to her age. GP Basic is talented and real young. GP Basic is considered of one of my bias groups, but thats not the point why i complimented them.

they made a debut on “Game” earlier and yeah, only on Inkigayo. all of them performed, including Janey. seeing Janey not able to perform today, really upsets me.

Janey is considered as a gifted rapper. she raps really well, her stage presence is really good. its a shame that she couldnt perform. but what i love about this group is, how they agree and choose to have “To J (Janey)” included in the album. Janey must’ve been really touched. and Trinity (or is it Leah? dont know, i get confused of the two of them. LOL. surry) cried in the end too. i believe that in no way fan service or sympathy. i think she really feels the song and feels really sad too into having one of the members not performing.

i will always wish all the best for GP Basic. hwaiting! you will all perform on one stage soon! Stay Strong! ❤

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November 13, 2010 at 2:34 pm

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