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Happy 5th Anniversary Super Junior

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credit to the person who made this @ tumblr. 😀 i really suck at editing. surry. =.=;;

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November 6, 2010 at 3:44 pm

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SHINee World Malaysia “Epsilon” covers Miss A’s “Breathe”

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okay lmao. i feel like a reporter now. ;p so yeah. i’ve been watching this group under SHINee World Malaysia, Epsilon for a while and i really love them. im a fan! 😀 lol. they’re dance covers are so amazing OMG. they do f(x), SHINee and now Miss A. they even did U-KISS once.

and recently, their new entry is for the Allkpop’s Miss A’s “Breathe” competition.

i think they did real good that they should win. still not satisfied? look at their live performance:

although they didnt sing; dancing on stage infront of people still takes alot of energy and courage. and they’re willing to do so. (i like the girl who plays Min the most! LOL) not sure if they’re used to it, but yeah. they’re really awesome.

i wish i can form a dance team like that in Brunei. but its so hard to find. not a lot of dancers like K-Pop and not alot of K-Pop fans are into dancing. 😦 i really want to do something like this. maybe for something good, like charity? if they ask me to sing, im willing to do so too. LOL. AHAHAHA. YEAH RIGHT! we’ll see how it goes. LMAO. i havent learn SHINee’s “Hello” yet. still learning Miss A’s “Breathe”. i got “Lucifer” already. HEHEHE.


not only that. they’ve performed SHINee’s “Lucifer” too. TWICE in one day.

whats also awesome is they actually make time to search for the clothes or make them. SO COOOL. lol. i want Taem’s so bad. ;p

they even did a “practice version” of SHINee’s “Lucifer”

and again, the clothings. WOW.

yes, i feel like im promoting now. LMAO. no no. i just wanna share with you guys what i like. maybe you guys will like it too! 😀 this is what this blog is all about. 😀

also, check out their youtube page to see more covers from them because they’re really awesome! 😀 happy viewing!

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November 6, 2010 at 3:37 pm

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